Coach Sean Brown sets new records at European Championships 2017

Big congratulations to coach Sean Brown who competed in the European Championships on April 2017!

Sean took to the platform with a 140kg Snatch, a 170kg Clean & Jerk for a Weightlifting Total of 310kg. That’s a 10kg jump from his American Open 2016 result, which netted him 8th overall in that competition!

Sean set a new Irish National record for an 85kg lifter in the Clean & Jerk and Weightlifting Total.

The competition lifts were as follow:
– Snatch: 132kg, 136kg, 140kg
– Clean and Jerk: 162kg, 166kg, 170kg

We couldn’t be more proud to have coach Sean Brown @ CrossFit HD and HD Barbell Club – Drop us a line @ to learn more about training under the tutelage of this national champion and record holder.

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